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Holding Your Own

Please join me by reading the daily meditation from “The Language of Letting Go” by Melody Beattie and share your thoughts in the comment space provided at the end of this post (Click on the Read More button to read the complete thought for the day).

As a child I needed to be loved by my parents and family.  I looked to them to tell me how to be in this world.  Unfortunately, the people that I had for such guidance were wounded and did not have the ability to help me see the truth.  Instead, I found myself listening to their manipulation and distorted perceptions of how to function in this world.

My instinct told me that I was not alone and that God loved me just as I was.  Years of abuse and neglect lead me to doubt my instincts and I found myself believing that I was alone and that I could not trust anyone, not even myself.

Part of my healing process has been the realization that my perceptions of truth had been distorted.  Accepting this was my first step toward finding my truth.  It has taken years to learn to sort out old lies that I had believed due to my perception of my experiences in childhood.  Now I find my truth by listen to my inner voice.  This inner voice has gotten clearer as I have reconnected myself to my higher power.

My higher power is based in love and freedom.  This love and freedom allows me to let go of old ideas that do not work and allow the truth to be shown to me.  This allowing brings peace and faith that I am not alone and I am not a victim of other peoples manipulation.

This awareness has allowed me to stop focusing on the stones that I collected in my childhood.  It is much too heavy and difficult to hang on to the past.  Instead, I focus on the diamonds that I  have been given by my relationship with my higher power.

Today: I am consciously aware that there is a power greater than myself.  I allow this spiritual relationship to guide me in my day to day life.  As I allow truth to be shown to me, I experience Love which is my diamond.

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Dr. Diana is an APA (American Psychological Association) EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) approved Therapist in Training.